Why I wrote "Headspace"

Headspace was written from a point of pure frustration. Frustrated with life challenges, getting more engagement with my music, I just could not escape that feeling of being under appreciated. That was the headspace I was in. I've been struggling on balancing life’s challenges with chasing my dreams. When you're trying to do something that many talented determined people have failed at doing you know that there are going to be ups and downs. When you're chasing your dream there are going to be days where you're like "what the fuck was I thinking," but that’s normal. Fight through it, its up to you to make people see your vision. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but the quicker you do, the better! So I had my tuning pedal hooked up and started singing the hook " can't nobody hear what's in your head!" That captured exactly how I felt at the moment. When you have ambitions and vision for things you want to do in life don't expect people to see it! That’s fine. I wanted to write something that would encourage people to follow their hearts. Life is great but its also a struggle, but don't fear struggle, embrace it! I have so much to say and so much to express. That’s why I make music! I hope that with “Headspace” fans will relate to my music on another level. Thanks for listening! 

Ibrahiim BensonComment