Music is the communication of complex thought.
— lp

Los Angeles native LP represents a new breed of west coast artist. He started writing poems as a way to explore the experiences of growing up in South LA gang territory. Idolizing famed rapper Tupac Shakur, LP's poems quickly turned into raps. Like his poetry, his music covers a range of emotions and themes. Like his song "Get Down" which explores the topic of police brutality and crime in the black community, to his song "UNI" an electronic seduction meets rap love song with an 808's and Heartbreak vibe.  


Following in the foot steps of hip hop icons like Kanye West, LP also composes his own music. His self produced song "Headspace" displays his production value in melody, composition, and performance! LP's continues to grow as an artist and plans on displaying that on his debut EP set to be released in 2019! Please subscribe below to keep up with new developments.

Photographs: SOGNAR..ME